Kamis, 16 September 2010


i just wanna say that today is a rainy day
and finally i can drive a car yeaaa!

i'm so so EXCITED today :)

Minggu, 12 September 2010

Kota Sampah

have you visited garbage city?
iseng2 searching di google nemu artikel ini di blog orang

kedua kota ini serupa tapi tak sama, satunya pure garbage city, and the others maybe the same but just a little bit 'developed'

daripada basa basi mulu mending langsung aja deh :D

Kota Manshiyat naser (pure Garbage city)
hey hey hey this city is totally insane!
mau di jalan, di sungai, di halaman rumah, ataupun di atap bangunan semuanya ada sampahnya!
gag kebayang deh pokoknya, mulai dari ganggu pemandangan sampai baunya itu loooh gag nahaaan! kadang kalo ada truk sampah lewat di samping kita aja kita udah tutup idung, gimana kalo live together ever after? ya ampuun jangan sampe deh!

Kota Guiyu (Electronic-waste city)
naah kalo buat kota yang satu ini kayaknya agak mendingan deh, abisnya kalo pengen hape baru kita gag usah beli mahal-mahal soalnya kita tinggal ngambil aja di jalan-jalan. beda sama kota manshiyat di atas, kalo kota ini khusus sampah elektronik.
meskipun pendapatan penduduk di kota jauh lebih besar dibandingkan kota sampah murni tadi (yaiyalah beda level gitchu looh :p) tapi resiko kematian di kota guiyu ini lebih tinggi daripada di kota manshiyat. hal ini karena banyaknya bahan kimia berbahaya yang terkandung dalam alat-alat elektronik tersebut. kalo bisa dikasi slogan, kota ini bakalan gw kasih slogan 'makmur plus liang kubur' hahaha

so fellas, which one city do you wanna live for?

Sabtu, 11 September 2010

It's time to go home :)

Haaah finally this is my last day in Pasuruan,haha I'm so glad :) its time to go back to the frozen city :p
i have to go home earlier because i have to attend my sister because tomorrow she has to go to work :(
oh yea, as long as my sister go to work, i have to keep the house by myself, it means alone in the home, huu
that's the unpleasant part i think :'(
but the journey-back-home-to-Malang is quite fun :D

Before we go home, don forget to take some picture,hehe

(with my cousin, Ima)

my sister is the driver, hold on tight everyone!!

this magazine always keep-in-touch with me during the journey

meanwhile the cloud is getting dark

finally we arrived! haha hope next year would be better than this year :)


9 Sept 2010

hey hello everyone?
how is your vacation?is it fun or not, that's counting on ourselves how to we feel it. if it's not, just enjoy! took the good things and let the negative things go :D

mostly in Idul Fitri, we, the moslems will be visit our relations or their family to tighten our relationship. i think this event already become a tradition. visit parents, friends, cousins, granny (just like i did :D) and etc.

this year i have my Idul Fitri celebration in Pasuruan, where is my granny lives. i did'nt go back to my lovely city (Balikpapan) because my father wanna celebrate this holy day with his family in Pasuruan (that's my granny! :D)
it's so sad actually, cannot celebrate it with my mother and my sister, but i think there's no mistake if once we gather around with our far-family (hey cheer-up girls)
we started our journey to Pasuruan from Malang, and the driver is my uncle. apparently my uncle was a talented racer hahaa!

 have a nice days all :)