It's time to go home :)

Haaah finally this is my last day in Pasuruan,haha I'm so glad :) its time to go back to the frozen city :p
i have to go home earlier because i have to attend my sister because tomorrow she has to go to work :(
oh yea, as long as my sister go to work, i have to keep the house by myself, it means alone in the home, huu
that's the unpleasant part i think :'(
but the journey-back-home-to-Malang is quite fun :D

Before we go home, don forget to take some picture,hehe

(with my cousin, Ima)

my sister is the driver, hold on tight everyone!!

this magazine always keep-in-touch with me during the journey

meanwhile the cloud is getting dark

finally we arrived! haha hope next year would be better than this year :)

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