9 Sept 2010

hey hello everyone?
how is your vacation?is it fun or not, that's counting on ourselves how to we feel it. if it's not, just enjoy! took the good things and let the negative things go :D

mostly in Idul Fitri, we, the moslems will be visit our relations or their family to tighten our relationship. i think this event already become a tradition. visit parents, friends, cousins, granny (just like i did :D) and etc.

this year i have my Idul Fitri celebration in Pasuruan, where is my granny lives. i did'nt go back to my lovely city (Balikpapan) because my father wanna celebrate this holy day with his family in Pasuruan (that's my granny! :D)
it's so sad actually, cannot celebrate it with my mother and my sister, but i think there's no mistake if once we gather around with our far-family (hey cheer-up girls)
we started our journey to Pasuruan from Malang, and the driver is my uncle. apparently my uncle was a talented racer hahaa!

 have a nice days all :)

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